Thursday, 1 June 2017

Technology - Constance


Greetings! Today for Technology Graphics, Ms Ferguson told group 3(Which is mine), to make google drawing about different clocks because we will be making some later on, as the term continues. 

We got given an instruction, to make a google drawing, titled - Client likes and describe that person by using photos. I have chosen myself. Although, we made 3 google drawings to show we have done during technology today. I didn't really put much about me, because I mainly like sports, and for me, there were no more other ways to describe me.

If I was to ask, what challenges were hard for me to face - I would really say "Nothing much", only because I was set to stay on tasks and I did. Today's session with Ms Ferguson was the best and I hope our clocks will look great continuing the term. 

These drawings were titled  - 
Types of clocks
Design briefs
Client likes - by using pictures from google.

Here is an example of my work...........


  1. Good work today Constance.
    You have a good collection of images to refer to when we start our design ideas next week.
    Miss Ferguson

  2. Thank you for this wonderful comment Miss Ferguson and I will see you tomorrow in tech!