Past sessions in Technology_T2W7

Kia Ora, Malo, Talofa and many more greetings! Kei te pehea koe?_How are you?) No naia nei for Hangarau(Technology), we were making clocks. I am in the graphics class with Miss Ferguson. Although, my favourite part of this session with Miss Ferguson was learning more about how to design them. I had a great time experiencing clock designing! This was because, I got to see the talents of other students clocks and I also got to share mine as well.! I finished two clocks today! : A Just do it clock and a Kiwi clock! Besides this, something I found well today was contributing ideas towards the members on my group table and seeing the growth mindset they all had. The characters/students that were on my table were: Akanesi, Perenara, Frances and myself! We were a great team... Helping each other move forward and giving positive compliments about our works. Continuing on, I have been struggling through the work today, because there were so many tricky things to make this clock, this means, I need to improve on trying my best in doing work we are given and never giving up on tasks. I can do this by: Practicing my best and showing every student in the class that I dont need help and that I have the passion to in art. In general, todays session with Miss Ferguson was "Amazeballs" and I hope the other students in her class have finished their own arts, because I would like to see what kinds if talents they have through art.

And yes! I have changed my art thoughts, because I knew that these kinds would be easy!

Here is a photo of my drafts and 3D arts from technology: Back to front.

 My other 3D art has not yet been uploaded! But, as I see it, I will update this post or I might even make a new blog post about this "Kiwi clock" !

Many thanks!

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