Monday, 19 June 2017

Disney's Moana coming in Te Reo Maori...

Did you know that Taika Waititi, who is the maker of Moana has made a call out that Disney's Moana is coming in Te Reo Maori? Disney has announced that Moana will be the first film to be translated into Te Reo Maori. Taika Waititi has considered this to fluent speakers.

If you haven't seen the movie Moana, I am really sorry to spoil it but it is about a young polyniesian girl who travels throught he horizon to save her people and land. Moana is the daughter of the chief. , Having a huge influence of New Zealanders - Which are: Jemaine Clement, Oscar Kightly, Temuera Morrison and Rachel House.

But, much kiwi cast will reprise their roles. Meaning: The role of Moana will be taken from , Hawaiian girl, Auli'i Cravaiho, and given to a young Maori girl- fluent in speaking Te Reo..Although, Waititi is asking for maybe a 13 year old Maori girl, sounding at least like the original Moana(Auli'i Cravaiho).

Applicants must be in fluent Te Reo and a cover version of the movies most memoral song "How far i'll go". The auditions will be consist of a filmed voice-over script in Te Reo,

Here is a message if you would like to audition for the voice-over of Moana. You'll need to be fluent in speaking Te Reo maori!

Auckland dates are set from June 23 to July 12.  But, auditions must be sent in before 5pm Thursday, July.

I wonder who will win the voice-over Moana!

Lets find out: When the next news comes!

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