My Trip To Wellington!

Kia ora, Malo, Talofa and many more greetings! Today, I am standing in a Hotel down from where I live. Can you guess where I am at? Well, I have did a 11/2 hour travel down to Wellington.
Have you ever been to Wellington? I am blog posting about what I am doing this weekends!

Early in the morning - 6/22/2017, we caught a taxi to drive my grandparents and I to this travel station. We took a train to Wellington, because flying was too much. Although, besides this, my journey down to Wellington was Terrific. Here are 3 reasons why I say the journey down was Terrific:
1. I got to see the different types of cities on my way to Wellington
2. Getting to view the nature of Papatuanuku
3. Going over the deep ravines

What was the purpose of this trip?:
The purpose of this trip was because, the elders of my family had been put up to challenge in Kapa Haka. This was like a Kaumatua and Kua festival.

What is Kapa Haka?
From what I know, Kapa haka is a traditional dance from the culture of Maori. Kapa Haka is also the Maori activity of dancing and chanting in groups as an expression of cultural identity. A group of people, no matter if their old or young, they are performers of Maori dancing and chanting.

What is Kaumatua and Kua?:
Kaumatua - The Maori word for elder men. Can also be called "Koro". Meaning: Great Grandpa.
Kua - The Maori word for elder women. Can also be called "Whaea"!
 As you walk into a Marae full of elderly people, it is always good to respect them by giving each one a kiss on the cheek or a Hongi

What is Hongi?:
A Hongi is what Maori people use to greet others or to welcome them into their homes or onto their whenua. - Meaning Land. Hongi is also done by pressing noses and foreheads together at the same time.

What is Wellington like?:
In my opinion I would say that Wellington is:
Cold, Wet, Loud.
Most days, fire trucks and police cars are always going around and about. The weather is very wet. And, the climate is too cold. It feels like i'm on ice.

What was your favourite part of the journey on the train?
My highlight would be, getting to explore the outside world and also getting to see what nature really looks like. This has been chosen as my highlight because I always thought that nature was just around houses. But I now know that it is everywhere you travel.

Thanks to my grandparents! I am now loving it in Wellington!
It is also my first time here!

Please comment for any feedforward or Feedback!
Many thanks.

Here is a photo I took on my grandpa's camera during the trip:
Plus, I would have put more photos to show evidence, but the camera could only upload this photo.


  1. Hi Constance,
    I can tell you are having a great time in Wellington! This blog post it AMAZING. It's fully detailed and it's really long too. I like how you made up your own questions and your having lot's of fun with your grandparents! We all miss you and we hope you blog even more great things that is happening in Wellington.
    KA PAI!!

    1. Hi Cerenity,
      Kei te pehea koe?_How are you?) I am having lots of fun in Wellington, wishing you were here to. But, it will be even better tonight. All the mokopuna's_Grandchildren will be going to Lazer strike, Go carting and Bowling. I can't wait! Although, thank you for your comment and I do miss you too. Mainly, just you! I hope everything is going well at school, knowing no one will be distracting you! Try get as much blog post as every other day!
      See you on Tuesday!


  2. Kia Ora, Constance! I have been on that train trip! It is long, but you're so right - we have such beautiful scenery in Aotearoa. I loved the ravines too! I hope you have a wonderful experience down in Wellington. Did you know the Māori name for Wellington is Te Whanganui-a-Tara or sometimes it is also known as Pōneke. Kia pai tō koutou noho ki Pōneke!