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What Is Matariki?
Matariki are the 7 sisters who sit upon Earth in order to represent the Maori new year. And is also known as the cluster stars. Matariki appears in the eastern sky around the shortest day of the year. Although, is also has two names represented by the ancient gods and maori's- Which are: Matariki and Mata-Ariki. But, other tribes believe that the stars represent the fallen of our ancestors. 

When does Matariki occur?
Matariki occurs in early May or June. Matariki does not occur in the same time every year. This is because, when time speeds up, it takes a lot of time for the stars to travel near Earth. 

How do people celebrate Matariki?
Some people can celebrate Matariki in many different ways. Here are ways people may celebrate Matariki:
* Festival
* Hangi
* Camp under the stars
* Light lanterns in the air
* Fire & Camp

Why is Matariki so bright?
Before Matariki appeared, Maori's never had light bulbs to see. But as the stars were awaken, they had enough light to see.
If each star is bright enough to be seen clearly, it gives the sign that the becoming season will be warm and crops will be flourish. 

How has Matariki changed over the years?
The way Matariki was celebrated 40 years ago was more different to how we celebrate it in "O17. Back then, families would cook hangi and take it down to the beach as they would have a bonfire. But now days, we celebrate Matariki in festivals. We also light lanterns to send them up to the stars. 

Traditionally, Matariki was a sign that the Maori hunting was coming to an end and the planting season was about to begin. It would also give the sign to the Maori's that it was time to harvest.
Interesting facts I know:

* Did you know that if the 7 sisters(Matariki) don't shine, it is saying that it is going to be a bad year.

* Did you know that Matariki was first a whole and the biggest star over Earth. But, the gods who were born over Papatuanuku and Ranginui threw something upon Earth and suddenly hit the giant star. This caused the stars as sisters.

* Some Maori tribes believe to celebrate Matariki on half moon.

* Ancient gods call Matariki pleiades. - Maori's call it Matariki and Mata-ariki. Both : Eye of god or Little eyes. 

Now, here are some questions I am struggling to answer! If you know the answer please comment down and I could update this blog post. Credits: From you....

Are the stars named after Ranginui and Papatuanuku?
Are Maori's the only families who celebrate Matariki?
Why do they only come up once a year?

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