Tuesday, 17 October 2017

CureKids #Rednoseday

Today, Room 10 participated in a Kelly Sports event to support Cure Kids. 

Cure Kids is a charity group.That means, if you pack a gold donation in the charity of Cure Kids.. Not only that they have the money to themselves, but they give it away to children who really need it. This includes: Asthma, Child Cancer, Stillbirth, Brain Injury etc. En example of ways they support children's health is having the Red Nose day. The effect of their work/research will build stronger and every child in the world will feel healthier and better again. 

Today, I participated by celebrating the Red Nose Day.! That means, I have wore the colour RED) Why its called Red Nose Day?(Rhetorical). An example of a game we played for Kellys Sport was, Noddle Hockey. How do you play this?
Their is a quarter of a field that is set into a square. Cones are the boundary. There are different coloured dots on each side of the square. Cones are placed at both ends for the goals. Colours are called, they grab a noddle, whacking the ball in the middle. First team to get the goal WINS!
But supporting Cure Kids, I hope my impact has helped a lot of kids who have illnesses.. And I hope that every at Tamaki Primary School has made a huge difference. 

To find out more, Visit :

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Describing Fractions of Amount.

Today, I have been completing a task, related to fractions.
In this task, we needed to write statements related to the block collections. 
For example: 
There are 30 blocks altogether. 
The fraction of the orange blocks would be 1 third. That means there are 10 orange blocks. I know this because, 20 divided by 3 is 10. 
There are 10 yellow blocks. Yellow makes up 1 third of the collection. 
There are 5 pink blocks. They make up 1 sixth of the collection. This is the same as the grey blocks. 30 divided by 5 is 30, so one sixth is 5 blocks. 

If you keep working towards your fraction, this means, you will seek more knowledge through times tables and divisions. And you'll be able to do maths equations instantly. 

Here is my presentation: 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Welcome Back! #Term4

Nau mai, hoki mai ki taku rangitaki. Ko tenei te wahanga tuawha o te tau!

Kei te pehea to hararei?(How was your holiday?)

One thing I am really looking forward to this term would be, going to Waiwera.

Waiwera is a pool place, located on Waiwera rd 21. Waiwera Hot Pools is a large thermal spa situated in Waiwera, just north of Auckland, New Zealand. The park is New Zealand's largest water park

My personal goal for my last term of 2017 is having the best term of 2017 as possible..And also trying to participate in all sports that would be on.

To fully enjoy these end of year opportunities, I will need to remember to have a positive attitude for the year.. Without! Causing any drama.

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Your Voice, Your Choice

This week, room 10 has been focusing on the 2017 elections! As you would know, "VOTING"! Anyways, the party I think that I would vote for, is LABOUR".. This is because, she has more persuation in her descriptions, than other parties..

Although, the party that I really dislike, was the GREEN party... This is because they want to bring Anti-smacking back into the law and also because they want kids to go Army camping for more discipline..

Here is my presentation:

Monday, 18 September 2017

Whakatauki O te Wiki

Kia Ora ! Today's whakatauki is:

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

My strength is not that of a single warrior but that of many

My personal meaning for this whakatauki means: 
Kaore te taea e te tangata kotahi te mahi i a ratau... No te mea e hiahia ana tatou ki tetahi kapa hei awhina.. 
It is not that only your strength can do all the work, because you need others to help you out.. 

We should be collaborating ideas and should be working as a team for the purpose of our knowledge.

Have a read through my presentation:

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Fonu Art

Kia Ora!

Today, room 10 has been working on some "Fonu Art" Designs..

In Tonga, they have an artwork called "Ngatu" - (Nga-Du).. Which is the Tongan version of Tapa.

A common symbol on the Tongan Ngatu is the turtle, or the Fonu.


What is the significance of the symbol of the turtle?

Turtles are said to join the departed guiding polynesians to their destinations.

Turtles symbolise health, fertility, longevity in life, foundation, peace and rest.

The word hono, meaning turtle in Marquesan language.  In te reo Maori, ‘hono’ has other meanings which encompass things such as joining and stitching together families and representing the idea of unity.

Miss Kyla brought in an artwork by Dunedin based, Tongan artist:  Sepasitiano Machiavelli.
We used his work to also inspire the style of our artworks.  We loved his bold and detailed patterns.
Here are some of our masterpieces .:

Monday, 4 September 2017

Whakatauki O te Wiki

Kia Ora ! Today's whakatauki is:

Tangata Ako i te whare, 
te tauranga ki te marae tau ana. 

The person taught well at home, 
will stand strong on the marae, and in society. 

My personal meaning for this whakatauki means: 
Mena he tangata koe e pai ana ki te ako i te kainga.. Nga uara ako, te whakaaetanga me te arataki. Ka uru atu koe ki nga mema i te whanau i roto i te hapori..
If you are someone who is well taught at home... learning values, respect, and leadership.. You will soon join your family members in society. 

We should be collaborating ideas and should be working as a team for the purpose of our knowledge.

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