Weekend in Wellington - Pt 2

Kia Ora and welcome back to my blog!

What I also done in Wellington, was going to the movies. The movie we went to watch was Ant man and the wasp.

I don't know how I felt about that movie, because during the time when it was playing, I just fell asleep. And missed some parts of the movie. Eventually, I did wake up because I was really hungry. And then, I ended up staying awake for most of the movie parts.

And yes,
My favourite character was Ant-Man, because he was really adventurous and because he was the good guy. Ready to defeat the bad guys!

Whanau but thats all I have for you today, and I hope'd you enjoyed.

Thankyou a lot for viewing my blog!

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Flying to Wellington - Pt 1

Kia Ora and welcome back to my blog!

Last, early Sunday Morning, myself and my family flew over to Wellington for a nice holiday.
We bought 2 hotel rooms in the Willis Hotel - Because it was near Wellington City.

And what did we do in Wellington?
Well, me and my aunty went on a shopping spree. Buying shoes, Jandals, Clothes, and handbags. We also brought her some make up.

My favourite thing about our shopping spree, was buying myself an adidas jumpsuit. And camouflage green and dark green nike shoes.
I couldn't find the matching out fit to mine, but here is a similar one.

Both, top and leggings are attached together. There is a zipper in front. An Adidas sign on the right side. Hoodie. Comfy jumpsuit. And is also a camouflage colour, but with just the dark green.

And also, the type of shoes I got,
was a camouflage coloured nike shoes.

I hope that gave you a good idea, of what I got.

Image result for Comfy Women's Solid Stripes Crop Top Short-Sleeve Sweatsuit SetImage result for camouflage nike shoes huarache air
And just to throw it out there,
These shoes are air huaraches.

Thankyou for viewing my blog!

Back to blogposting

Back at it again with another blog! And welcome back to today’s ‘blog.
I know I haven’t been blogging lately, but that is because, i’ve been busy
and spending time with my family.

My goal for tonight is to at least blog 15 blogpost about what I’ve done on the holidays.
I had the best holidays ever, and can’t wait for the next couple of days.

During my holidays,
I felt like I was on summer vacation. - But Winter vacation.
On Sunday morning, we flew over to Wellington, stayed there for 3 days and then flew over
to Rotorua. We stayed in Rotorua for 3 days as well. But in those cities
or towns, we did do a lot of things.

Read the next blog  to find out more about what i’ve done on my holidays. Image result for busy

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Thankyou for reading. 


Ako Evening

IALT: Share what I've learned and done for Ako evening.
Whats Poppin, Whats Good, What it is, Whats up!

Hello family,
And welcome back to another blog. Today, I will be blogging about my Ako evening at school. I know it was a few days ago, but I've been really busy doing other stuff, and I didn't really have time to blog anything. But, I'm back and I can now blog something.

Have you ever heard of Ako Evening? Or ever been to one?
Well, on Thursday 5th July, Tamaki Primary school had their Ako Evening. Ako Evening is a day where friends and family can come in, to see what we've been learning about and for us to share with our peers. And yes I did attend to this evening.

My favourite part, was when I would spam and take photos on the school ipads. "Really" . No, im kidding, because what I actually liked was presenting, using expression and being funny to my people or should I say customers. Well, im sure they enjoyed it, because they kept on laughing.

Honestly, I had nothing that I didn't enjoy. Because I loved every single piece of this day.


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Here is a little muck around video I did:
And Yes, It is a old challenge and it is me who flipped the bottle.

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Homework Club!

IALT:Reflect on what i've did today.
Whats Poppin, Whats Good, What it is, Whats up!
Hello guys and welcome back to my blog!

Today, students were able to stay after school and finish off any work. One of those people were me!
The reason why I stayed back at school today was because, I like my work to be done and dusted.
So I don't need to do it later on during school time, and also so I don't stay in during morning tea and lunchtime.

Something I enjoyed today, was when me and my buddies were working on our Milky Way movie.
For our Milky Way movie, we will be doing something similar to draw my life.

Something I found challenging, was when I was recording my buddy. Because my hands would get sore, or the ipad would drop. It was even harder because she would draw slowly, because we would video on timelapse.

Homework club was awesome and I hope to do it again!

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Visual Art

IALT: Share what my visual art will look like.
Whats poppin, Whats Goods, What it is, Whats Up!
Hello guys, and welcome back to my blog.

In class today, the Kia Manawanui syndicate have been focusing on how night and day happens. We had to share our learning by creating a visual art that shows we've learned from night and day and something that represents us.

Today, I will be sharing with you about my visual art piece. What I drew and what it represents.
Here is an example, that helped me create my visual art.

From this picture, I have used the moon and the sun. And have also used it in this style.
But, I have added my own taste and texture to this art piece.

My moon and sun will be styled the same as the example shown.
But on the suns side, I have created a mandala piece.

The Mandala represents me because: I am creative, I like trying new things, and I like things my way.
On the moons side, I will be drawing maori patterns, because my culture is Maori. And it would be good to add it in.

I will also be using water colours, and 3 fire colours. This is to make my artwork stand out.

Although, I am excited to see the finishing of my art.
This brings us to the end of my blogpost for today, and I hope you enjoyed !
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IALT:Reflect on my Volleyball session.
Whats Poppin, Whats good, What it is, Whats up!

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Hello guys and welcome back to my blog,
Yesterday, the Kia Manawanui syndicate had their last volleyball session.

Something I really enjoyed about volleyball was,
when everybody participated in volleyball. It was great seeing every student get involved in Volleyball.

Something I didn't enjoy about volleyball was when I kept on getting out. I hated it when I would try and go for the ball but then miss. Although, at least I still participated.

Something I learned about myself, was that I like to challenge myself and like to always keep trying.

Thank you for reading my volleyball reflection and I hope you enjoyed!
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Gravity Review - Science

IALA: Gravity and Air.
Whats Poppn, Whats Good, What it is, Whats up!

Welcome back to my blog and I hope you enjoyed your day!
Today's, blog will be about gravity and air.

Throughout the last 2 weeks, I've been learning and researching about gravity and air. As our topic for the term is about Earth and beyond.

Image result for science freaks

In science,
we had to write a review about gravity! To share with everyone, what is gravity and where it comes from. My favourite thing during science, was doing experiments. One experiment I enjoyed was dropping the basketball and tennis ball. It may seem like a small thing, but it took me ages just to make one video, because I always and kept on posing during my shoot.

Although, it was great learning about gravity!
Here is my gravity review presentation and I hope you enjoy!