Monday, 26 June 2017

In Wellington

Kia Ora, Malo, Talofa and many more greetings to you! During this time, I will be reflecting on what I have been doing today! Although, I hope you enjoy!

In the morning, it was time for breakfast. It was a wonderful restaurant, just on ground floor. Although, their menu was stunning.
- Scrambled and pouched eggs
- Baked Bean
- Croquette
- Bacon
- Cereal
- Tea/coffee/juice
- Fruit salads - Yogurts

After breakfast, I thought to come up into my room, have a shower and then start doing school work. No matter if i'm far from school, I will always do school work every-day. SO, I got 2 blogs done today. I would have done a bit more but I started going out for lunch and for a walk up Mt Vic: I will tell you more below.

For 3 months, my grandparents are on a break from work. They take tourist around NZ. Although, one of the guides(Person who brings tour) have asked my grandparents and I if we could go out to lunch together. This was because they were in Wellington for a weekend as well.

Cafe name: Surf Cafe
Surf Cafe was made in 1923 and was used for many sports events. This was a famous cafe. Continuing on, during and after my meal, I looked out onto the habour and watched the planes land and fly away. It was actually my first time seeing planes right up close. And, I would like to go on it one day.

After lunch, we thought to go for a little tiki tour up on Mt Victoria. The view was amazing and I just couldn't believe my eyes: Like everything was standard even though Wellington is a small town. As I was sitting on Mt Victoria, their were one of those travelling ferries. This ferry was departing from Wellington North habour.
Ferry called "Interisland". Although, this ferry was also crossing to Picton S/island cookstraight.

I have been blogging for the last 3 days and today is my last day in Wellington! This is why I have made this last blogpost.

I am really excited to train back to Auckland! I would like to see the nature and outside world again. Instead on being in a inside world where you can only see T.V!

This trip has mean't a lot to me, even if their were old people around, because I had children my age hanging around with.

This trip was also special and I am glad to come back next year:

I would like to thank my grandparents: Katarina Ardelle Davis and Piriniha Reweti Davis for bringing me on this trip, to explore Wellington. This was the greatest vibes we have ever done. I can even remember the time when all three of us went up the ice-cream mountain_I call it this, because I was brought up with this name) And this was like about 9years ago.
So thank you Nan and Popz. I love you too much I can't put a single hate on you!

Thankyou for all the special things you do!

This was the last of the last post I am making for my trip in Wellington:

Kaumatua Kapa Haka _ Final Day

Kia Ora, Malo, Talofa and many more greetings to you! Today, I will be reflecting on yesterdays Kaumatua Kapa Haka_Final day: 

Yesterday, was the Kaumatua Kapa Haka final. This mean't that the last performance of seeing Te Puru O tamaki on stage was 6/25/2017. Besides this, I really loved their performance because, it lifted my emotions up. It nearly made me cry. This was because, seeing all the elders perform was like a star blinging my world. I am really proud of them: Mainly, my grandfather - Piriniha Reweti Davis. 

They were also funny. Showing off their skills of making everyone smile and laugh. 

What was your favourite time of the day?

My favourite time of the day would be handing the putiputi_roses) over to my great-nan and also getting to spend more time with my Nan- Katarina Ardelle Davis. Katarina is Piriniha's wife. Although, I also enjoyed getting to see the Gollipoli of War museum. 
This museum is free and shows what happened during WW1. Yes! And I can't forget. I also enjoyed the cable cars, seeing the different types of carvings in a store and also getting to pieces of real greenstone. 

I really loved watching Te Puru O Tamaki perform on stage. 

Arohamai, Arohanui! 

Here is the link to the live stream:

You also may see me giving the flowers to my great-nan and also performing back to the Te Puru O Tamaki . 

This event is played every year. It is free.

Where: Wellington, Te Papa Museum
What: Kaumatua Kapa Haka
When: Saturday 24th June, Sunday 25th July - On to Monday
Cost: Free

Whakatauki O te Wiki

Kia Ora, Malo, Talofa and many more greetings! Today, I have been working towards my Whakatauki O te Wiki: This whakatauki is "Kaua e mate wheke, mate ururoa"
* Don't die like an octopus, die like a shark.
I think this Whakatauki is very inspiring because their are many people who get scared to fight towards their dreams. The reason why they are scared is because:
1. People hold them back by saying they can't do it.
2. "Or, you stink" you ain't good enough to earn this job.

And this is why I think it is inspiring. If you are struggling towards achieving your goals, because people are holding you back. Then fight: Well not that kind of fight. But, try and get your dreams back and prove them wrong.

Here is the presentation to my Whakatauki O te Wiki:

I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Whakatauki O te Wiki

Kia Ora, Malo, Talofa and many more greetings! Today, I am blogging about my Whakatauki O te wiki.

This weeks Whakatauki is:

"He Ora te whakapiri, He mate te whakatariri. _ Their is strength in unity, Defeat in anger"

Here is the presentation to my whakatauki o te wiki:

I hope you enjoy!

Kaumatua Kapa Haka

Kia Ora, Malo, Talofa and many more greetings! Kei te pehea koe?_How are you?) Today, I will be reflecting on what I have done today in Wellington....

During the day, I have been sitting in a theater with crowds watching the Kaumatua Kapa Haka... I am sure you would know what Kaumatua and Kapa Haka is, because I talked through it in my other blog post: (Titled: My trip to Wellington.)

Although, today was an amazing trip. We traveled down to Te Papa stadium to watch our tribe perform on stage. The name of the iwi(Tribe) is Te puru O Tamaki, Ngati Whatua). We are from Orakei Marae.

Besides this, if I was to rate the Kapa Haka group from 1-10: I would give them a 1000/1000 this is because they made everyone's emotions jump up into the air. All the mokopuna_Grandchildren) stood up and sang a song back to our Kaumatua Kapa Haka group. They were just lovely.

Furthermore, the main emotion they gave the audience was "Laughter". I do not know why this was the main feeling the crowd had, but it sure did work.

These elder people are my family members and I am really proud of them for stepping up in confidence to perform what they had in presentation. They worked very hard to earn this trip and performance.

Continuing on, I had to groups in mind that were my favourite.
* Te Puru O Tamaki
* The Choir Pink shirt tribe _ I am not trying to make any fuss into calling them this name, but it is because I did not know their tribe ingoa.

I have called them the choir pink shirt tribe because they were wearing pink shirts and were also singing like a choir. They were just "A.M.A.Z.I.N.G".

If you would like to see the show on live stream for yourself... Hit this link and also comment for your favourite group performance: : The whanau or iwi I represented was Te Puru O Tamaki, Ngati Whatua.

If you understand Maori... They gave a message saying "We fought had for our land. Lost mant people and homes. And we are here to represent in that. " Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manawanui.

And you may see me performing to my whanau: Giving a thank you and Im proud of you waiata:
I did muck up on the actions to because I didn't really know it....

Since the mokopunas did a koha to our whanau, we got given a prize to go out to:
* Lazer strike
* Bowling
* Go Carting

10am – Whanganui-a-Tara Pākeke                         
10.30am ­– Waikato Taniwharau o Tainui               
11am – Auckland Māori Anglican Club          
11.30am – Te Awa Tūpua o Whanganui         
12pm – Ngātiwai Taitokerau                                               
12.30 – Ngāti Kahungunu   
1pm–2pm – Break                                                                       
2pm – Ngāti Whātua Orakei - Te Pūru o Tamaki Kaumātua                   
2.30pm – Ngāi Tahu-Waitaha                                         
3pm – Taranaki ki te Tonga                               
3.30pm – Hokowhitu-a-Tū me Maumahara
4pm – Finish 
Sad enough that their were only 2 boys and the rest girls.
Praising out to you boys !

May Thank!
I hope you enjoy!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Rā Whakatō Rākau - Planting Day Reflection! T2W8

Kia Ora, Malo, Talofa and many more geetings! Today I have been working on my Ra Whakato Rakau- Planting Day reflection

Matariki is going to appear in the eastern skies around June 25th or Early May. On Tuesday the Kia Manawanui syndicate (Year 7s and 8s) went to Paddington Reserve to take part in a community planting day, organised by MADAVE. We have been doing planting down at Paddington because it is to celebrate Matariki. This was our version of celebrating Matariki, because it is now a new year and it is time to make a fresh beginning. Although, besides this, the event was AMAZING but tired. All students, well some of them were tired of walking from school to Paddington. Our emotions at first was literally excited, until we took the wrong turn and got lost. Furthermore, I got to make bonds with students from other schools. That was my favourite part, because it was one of my goals. “Trying to make bonds with other students”!
Here is evidence to show my learning!

I hope you enjoy :

Tāku Rākau Whāinga - T2W8

Kia Ora, Malo, Talofa and many more greetings to you all! Today, I will be blogging about my Tāku Rākau Whāinga. Meaning - My tree goals. Although, I have been setting myself some goals because as Matariki appears it is time for a new beginning.

Here is my tree goals using google Docs:
What goals would you like to set yourself this new year?
  • Focus hard in school
  • Trying to become a student leader
  • Changing my behaviours or attitude
  • Helping others out
  • Build strong friendships with other students i’ve never talked to before
  • Being a student for people who struggle with anything. Even goes for teachers.
  • Being a role model
  • To use learning time wisely
  • Showing integrity
  • Being responsible
  • Trustworthy person
  • Giving things a go
It could be related to your:
Taha tinana, taha hinengaro, taha wairua or taha whānau.
What could stop you from achieving your goals?
  • Being distracted by friends
  • Giving up
  • Considerations
  • Fears
  • Roadblocks - Meaning people getting in the way
  • Caught up in situations
  • Hard to change
It is good to identify possibly obstacles so that you can plan for ways to solve the problems.
Who will support you to achieve your goals?
  • My best friend
  • Family members
  • Teacher
  • School
  • Community
  • Ancestors
Who shines brightest in your world?
The one and main person who shines bright in the world I see, is my Best friend. This is because she has a great personality, though it is hard to see on the outside of her. And mainly because she was a child gifted from above to find someone her type. And that type was me!
Who do you admire the most and who is it that makes you want to work hard?
I would like to admire my grandparents: Prince and Kathy Davis. This is because, they are grandparents who help me to try and achieve my goals and also because they like supporting me in my school work. Besides this, I would also like to admire them because they always tell me, that I can succeed in life.
 Now, here is the google presentation slide: