Friday 9th June
I have caught up to chapter 5 and the book is starting to get very interesting and dramatic. Here is the dramatic and interesting part of the story! Hope you enjoy. A phone started to ring, Maitu yelled “Don’t answer it”, as he sprinted down the stairs. Rikki was holding a whole load of goodies in the shopping bags. Mat ran into the office, where Tama had a digital phone. A number showed up on the lit panel. Tama(Dad) was calling. A few seconds later they realised that Tama must have missed Mat. Mat followed Rikki out the door, dropped his kit and turned to lock up. They heard the phone ring again. He put the key in the lock, when the low purr of a car engine made him turn. Rikki had stopped beside the Ford. The drivers opened the door near-side and Tama Douglas stepped out. From the passenger door, on the far side of the car, Puarata appeared. Mat opened his mouth and said “RIKKI RUN” and jerked the front door. Over his shoulder he saw everyone pause momentarily. Matiu saw Rikki half-turn, his mouth open to yell our something, when Tama’s fist swung in a huge arc that smashed into his jaw, his eyes rolled back into his skull. Over his shoulder, Mat could see Donna flow toward him. He started to run. He ran a block and chanced a glance back. The street seemed empty. He could see the rail station ahead. Puarata caught him and started to strangle Matiu. Matiu opened his mouth to scream, but he couldn’t get enough air, could the gag and fail at the massive fist holding him. A warrior set his hands free. The warrior straightened the first words. It stared at a Maori girl, maybe sixteen standing a few meters away, with flowing black hair. For a second moment, she gracefully had a moko on her chin. His hands went up as if protecting his eyes and he stumbled away as if she were the terrifying thing he’d ever seen. She raised her hand and opened her mouth again, he gave a sudden howl, and ran off into the darkness. He was probably scared of this Maori girl. I wonder what could happen next? Although, I know that this Maori girl is named “Pania” because it says on the next chapter title.

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