Wild eyes....

Today, I have chosen a Tui!

Do you know what a Tui is?
Well, first of all, a Tui is a native bird of New Zealand. It is one of the largest members of the variety  honeyeater family. The name Tui comes from the formal culture Maori and is a very common name. You may see or even hear the Tui's chriping every day at the Auckland Museum. 

Latin Name: Prosthemadera Novaeseelandiae 
Maori Name: Tui

The Habitat of a Tui is widespread in forest, open country and a relating/characteristic area throughout New Zealand. 

Tui appear black at a dark distance, but are mainly iridescent green with dark bluish/purple relfections. The back and side of the neck is are ornamented with white shafted feathers, which curl forwards on the side of the neck. The iris is dark brown , the bill and legs are black .

This is the animal I have chosen for the day and I hope you enjoy. 


  1. Kia Ora Constance!

    It's great to have you blogging with us on the Winter Learning Journey these holidays! I hope you are enjoying doing the activities and are learning a little more about New Zealand than you knew before!

    I am really impressed by your description of the Tui, including so many wonderful facts about it! I am always amazed by the crazy Latin names that animals have - so long and hard to pronounce! I can tell you have gone and done some in-depth research about the Tui which is awesome.

    Well done on completing this task and I hope you will continue blogging with us these holidays!

    Awesome work Constance!

    Nicky :)

  2. The Tui is my favourite bird (the call tone on my phone is the Tui bird call!)- I love hearing them around the neighbourhood - when I was young we never heard them and now we do so we must doing something right with our environment. Keep posting Constance!