Trying different Honey!

WALT: Compare and contrast different types of honey!
Kia Ora, Malo, Talofa and many more greetings to you all! Welcome to my blog! Today, I will be writing a reflection about "Comparing and contrast on different types of Honey"!.
Our choices were:
Todays lesson, room 10 got to experience the taste of different types of honey... First of all, we got into groups of 3/4. Although, I found todays lesson really exciting and hunguest! Why? I have compared my emotions to exciting and hunguest because I honestly went to every table to see if there were left overs! Therefore, as a result, my favourite honey was the mixed and Manuka! This is because I am so obsessed with Honey! I can eat a whole container! This is what I sometimes do at home! In addition, due to this, my experience on the taste of honey has made me very hyped! Although, I have chosen the Mixed honey because it is very sweet and I have chosen Manuka honey! because it is very rich in taste and it could also help with pain cramps! Overall, my favourite honey was number 1&4!
Thankyou for listening!

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