Te Whare Tapa Wha Models!

What we did?
Today, I will be explaining, What room 10 has done/created today…. - If you haven’t had vibes/goals with your classroom! Here is my story! The image we shared together was a plan with both ideas combined together… This was a great project! Although, yet there are still those who have been confused in some of today’s work! This was a first time experience in building a Whare Tapa Wha using vegetables!.... - Thank you! To Miss Kyla, who planned to do this for room 10!...

Eventually, the problems my buddy and I had was to stable the whare down! This was because, the sticks we used was too long and wasn’t strong enough to hold everything… Although, we sneaked around, looking at some other designs/models, but…. Bringing our own ideas together to make a Whare! This is Whanaungatanga - Building relationships with one another - She was also my best friend!

Our plan… Our solution to this damage was to bring all the toothpicks together, surrounded in 4 corners… These toothpicks were glued to the carrots! This was a good grip! Though, our solution worked, this design had given the thoughts of how better we can make this model… We tried our best to make it the best we could.. This challenge wasn’t about how better it looked, it was about the interest we had... Working as a team...

Overall, my best friend and I had worked great together and I would really like this to happen again…Also, as we were putting our whare (House) together, I had a little accident… This is where my best friend swifted against the room to get me a bandage…. I had stabbed myself using the kebab stick… I wasn’t crying or anything, because my friend was there for me.. She was even their, contributing ideas into our art. - Telling me I can do it… This is where we both worked hard together - staying focused - It felt like we were in MKR!

Following the plan or not:
Unfortunately, my best friend and I did not follow our plan…. This is because some vegetables were too weak and the kebab sticks were too long.. This is the act where my buddy went sneaking arounding to find small ideas… We borrowed some of our class ideas and our own connections…. This was a great opportunity for us to connect well! Because usually, we go with one idea! Next time, I would like to create something easier for my peer and I to work out!

Here is our end product! The emotions we had was something spectacular! We both jumped in the air - so excited that we were in wonderland! We had happy tears! Our hands did hurt! But our feelings did not change towards our project! My favourite emotion, was when my best friend and I hugged to tell that we both did a great job!
These are all based on health
What Te Whare Tapa Wha represents:
Taha Tinana - Physical health
Taha Wairua - Spiritual Health
Taha Hinengaro - Mental health
Taha Whanau  - Family health

Here is another drawing on what represents what!

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