Sandwich reflection!

WALT: Identify key food groups in simple meals.
Kia Ora, Malo, Talofa and many more greetings to you all! And a "Big Welcome" to my blog... In class, room 10 had been put in 6 groups of 4... This was because, we were to make sandwiches! Although, my favourite part of this session was contributing with my group mates and also seeing the ideas we all came up with... Also, we did get to see each others talents at making sandwiches... In addition, in a very important "CLICK", we held hands and did a karakia.. Karakia is the Maori word for "Prey" or "Grace".... We started eating our sandwiches.... My sandwich wasn't finished and I had to wrap it up... Furthermore, I hope we can do this again this term, because in class cooking, we all worked together as a team and had been contributing ideas. This can also help us to get out of our shells and show our talents in cooking and designs...
Here is an idea of my sandwich and what kind of healths I ate!


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