IALT: Reflect about Technology!

Welcome back to my blog!

Today for technology, We made Mince Pies! Sadly, this is the 2nd to last week of Technology with the year 8's and our last week of Technology is next week. I am a bit upset but it's gonna happened and oh well. It was an AMAZING experience getting to fry onions and mince with my peers on the pan, It felt nerve-wracking doing it because I was a bit afraid because I thought that I was going to get burned but it didn't happened which was GREAT!

I worked with my Kia Manawanui peers who are Constance (Year 7) & Frances (Year 8). They were AMAZING and I'd love to have them as peers next week when we do Technology again! I thought we were actually going to make mince pies, But it was like mince pie on a tray, As we were frying it like with my peers which are Constance & Frances, We thought that the mince wouldn't taste good or the mince pie because how us 3 are bad cooks except Constance, But we still had hope!

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  1. Hey there Constance, my name is Billy from the Summer Learning Journey programme. We hope that you will be blogging with us this summer and learning about New Zealand's history.

    It is pretty cool that you were able to make mince pies at school! My favourite. I hope they turned out well. What was the hardest part?

    Thanks, Billy

  2. Hi billy,

    I am sure that I will join the Summer Learning Journey this year, because I wouldn't like to lose the skills I have learned at school. I would like to keep my mind working and I would also like to be busy during the holidays.

    The hardest part about making mince pies, were: Pouring the mince in the pastry and wrapping it up. Because the pastry would always fall apart.

    Thankyou again for commenting on my blog, and I hope to hear from you again.