Reflecting about 2018 !

WALT: Reflect about 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!,
As you all know, I am a year 8 student here at Tamaki Primary/Intermediate school. This means that I will be leaving next year, for college.

To describe 2018 in 3 words I would call it ;
Crazy, Fun, and Difficult.

Term 1 : Becoming a student leader is something I am most proud of. Getting to take a part in caring for the school and the students at Tamaki. Although, I learned that becoming a student leader means t to build positive relationships with others in the school and that it makes me capable of doing tasks for teachers/guest. I learned how to interact with all the peers in my class. But something I didn't enjoy, was refreshing my mind and learning more things.

Term 2 : Participating and overcoming my shyness during class time would be an achievement I am most proud of. Some students in my class may haven't noticed, but I wasn't able to work well with others unless they were really close to me. But in term 2, I am most proud of me starting to work and get to know others well. I learned that if I overcome my shyness at school, I am able to work with others I don't usually hang out with. Though, something I didn't enjoy about this term was, seeing 1 of my friends leave.

Term 3 : Natural disasters around the pacific is something I mostly enjoyed during this term. Being apart of the Samoan cultural group made me think that I could be apart of more islander cultural groups. I enjoyed taking part in another cultural dance and act. But I am mainly proud of myself, speaking in Samoan and learning about their culture. I learned that if I keep researching and practising, it will be easier for me to pronounce different languages or learning in my area. I enjoyed every part about this term, and there isn't even one thing I can think of, that I didn't enjoy about this term.

Term 4 : Lucky last, term 4. I enjoyed making myself some new friends, who will forever be by my side, never leave me alone or leave me out on something special. I enjoyed making the most of this term with them. But something I am most proud of, is going to dine and dance. To spend my last grooves with all my friends and teachers.
I will always remember the good times with my friends and also the times I got in trouble from the teachers.

I am not getting cheeky, but my favourite highlight throughout the whole year, would be getting in trouble from the teachers. This is because, it has helped me get an understanding of how big of a growling I would get in college.

Besides all this,
I enjoyed spending time, with not just 5 people, but nearly the whole class !
Monita, Arizona, Bianna, Mary-Jane, Akanesi, Cerenity, Leilani, Kensington, Toma, Tevita, Amon, Demetrius, Grace, Lydia, Hevani, Aja, Aletheia, Patience, Alo, Timeus, Perenara, Mahara, Kaleb, Stephney, Faa'fiu, Akih, Edith, David, Fe'ao and also myself.

These people listed above, are those who I mostly enjoyed hanging and spending time with. They are also the students who have made a positive impact in my life.

(Message from me)
Pii Nice to heveryone and chust Pii Nice no mader what.

Image result for thumbs up

DINE AND DANCE 😉❤️️ : Memories I will forever remember.

AND ME : 😂😂 (Because I'm the best)


If you have any further questions like,
Will you be back? or If I will always be the best (?),
comment below in the comment section.

I hope you enjoyed my blogpost !


Technology at T.P.S

WALT: Use technology to make apple crumble
Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog!

This term we've been learning about our technological world.
This week we didn't go to Tamaki College for technology, so we stayed back and made apple crumbles. During this process, I was most proud of dicing the apples evenly without cutting myself. We diced the apples so that we wouldn't have groups of apples in one small tin. As we used small pastry shells.

While we were making the apple crumble, I found cutting through the apples most challenging because my knife wasn't sharp enough. The technology I used to cut through the apples, was a butter knife! Yes a butter knife. This is why I found it most challening !

here are some photos of me and my group..


Thankyou for viewing my blog and I hope you enjoyed !


Athletics Reflection

IALT: Write a reflection based on the T.P.S athletics day.
Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog!
Friday 16th November 2018, it was athletics day at Tamaki Primary school.
Athletics is like a tradition in our school, where people race, get together and to also see which house is the winners of the year!

We have four houses: Tobruk(Red), Alamein(Yellow), Benghazi(Green), Tripoli(Blue).
Can you guess what house I'm in ? .
(It will be revealed at the end of my reflection)

Before our athletics day started,
each group stood up and chanted their way around the field, to get to their house tent.
I was one of the leaders for my group!
Although, My group had the best chanting and the best organised tent, so we got 20 house points.

Sorry, I didn't explain ; Each house gets a house points, for example : Because their house chants were loud, they got 20 points. When you get points, at the end of the day we total the points up and which ever house has the most house points wins a shield! This year _______ won the shield.
Keep reading to find out who won the shield this year!
Image result for run


Besides that, at Tamaki Primary School athletics was placed on the field. Five events and racing lanes. The events we had were - Standing Jump, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot put, and discus. Out of these events, my favourites would be long jump and discus. I enjoyed these activities because I learned that I could jump far and that I have so much power in my arm, that I am able to throw a discus long distance. I also enjoyed these activities because I came first in the 12 y/o girls and also because I was interacting with all the peers around me.

After the field activities we then had morning tea (A break). My morning tea was boring, but if you would like to know what I did during my break, I am more than happy to explain.

I hung out with some friends, then teachers, and finally got bored. So I thought to take a walk around the school but suddenly decided not to, because the day was too hot,  I wasn't bothered to walk anymore. I went to the Benghazi house tent to rest with my friends. While under the tent, we ate and laughed while watching people waste their energy running, before the real races ! Other than that, I did enjoy my break.

After morning tea, the races had finally come. I was a helper for a teacher- My job was to gather all the people of a certain age from each group, to race. My legs got sore, I was tired and before I knew it, my race was next. I was to exhausted from the running I had made, that I still did my race. My house group needed to win, so I did everything I could to do something for my group! I ran, and eventually, I  CAME FIRST! YAAY! After coming first, I felt so confident I wanted to win again! And I won again, I came 1st ! . Sadly, in the middle of the day I left, because their was an interview I had to attend to!
I had my little mad moment but got over myself, because at least I ran and came first in my two races.
Image result for school races

Lets not forget to mention, the values I showed throughout the day was - Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga, and Ako..
I was showing Manaakitanga by encouraging people to do their best during our field events.
I showed Whanaungatanga but interacting with the peers in my group for the field events and also but communicating with my house team.
Lastly, I showed Ako by learning how to do certain field events. For example : I learned that to make a discus travel a far distance, your whole body needs to move and your arm needs power to throw the discus far.


Overall, I enjoyed athletics and I can't wait to do more of these in the future!
Honestly, I am a bit nervous for athletics when I go to college, as I am use to racing in intermediate! ..

Besides this,
I did make a promise (Not really), but I said that I would tell you who won this year and what house I am in !

Are you ready ?







Here is a video of us chanting!!


And the winners of this year is !!!

BENGHAZI (Green House)..
Congratulations Benghazi !

And yes Benghazi did copy our chant tune, but that's all good, because

Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope you enjoyed my reflection!


Technology - Graphics

IALT: Create an Isometric Optical Grid
Hello and welcome back to my blog, today I will be talking to you about what I've learned at technology.

In technology, we have been creating some isometric optical grids. The meaning of isometric is like a three dimensional art. Lets use a cube for example - It has three sides and is also isometric. Another word for it - 3D.

Here is a photo of my work!
My face was to beautiful for you to see ~

To create this art piece, we used a isometric grid to help us draw and cut out triangles.
We then traced it out onto coloured paper !
After it was traced, we used a plain white paper and started to make cubes with this coloured papers.
We glued our cubes together and there it was .... Our piece of isometric optical grid.


The challenging part about today was tracing our triangle out. Because the paper would either move, I would trace crookedly, or my cutting would be wobbly.
Although, I made it through from this challenge and the outcome of my grid was what I expected, but not really. (If you understand) .....

Overall, technology was fun and something new I learned today was, isometric optical grid.
Hopefully, in the future I get to use more of this art genre and could maybe create something great from it !


Off topic, but it is now time to reveal the face of beauty !!!


Here is also my work by itself:


I hope you enjoyed reading my blogpost, and enjoy your day!


Maths reflection

IALT: Write a reflection on what I've done for maths.
Kia Ora and welcome back to my blog! Today, I will be reflecting on what I have done for maths. 

Image result for maths struggling

For maths, I have been working on adding and subtracting numbers. Here is an example: 

Subtraction (-) : 3.6 - 2.4 would equal 1.2 because 3 - 2 = 1 and .6 -.4 equals .2 .. And there is how the answer would be 1.2 

Addition: 77.5 + 9.8 = 87.3 .. I don't really know how to explain how I got this answer because I did it in an algorithm way. But I am strongly sure that it will equal 87.3 ..

Image result for algorithm maths An example of algorithm :

Something I am finding challenging about maths is that, sometimes they don't give examples, so its harder for us to know what the sheet is asking us. Although, I enjoy maths because it is challenging and also because it keeps me busy and lets me have fun at the same time.

Overall, maths was really challenging but fun and I hope we get more tasks like this often.

Image result for maths fun

Thank you for reading my blogpost !

Could you try and solve this question using algorithm ? Have a go ?
What is 78.9 + 21.4 ?


IALT: Reflect on what I've done for our digital world.
Kia Ora and welcome back to my blog!

This morning, the Kia Manawanui syndicate has been learning how to use argumentation and to also get us ready for a special game.

We were learning to argue about predators and pests.Why we should respect pest or why we shouldn't.
A group of people have in the nature watchers made an opinion about pest and why they deserve more respect. Do you think pest deserve respect? Yes or No? Why do you think that?

Here is the response I have given back to the nature watchers opinion;
I partly agree and disagree with their opinion.
This is because not all pests eat our native animals. Here is an example:
Lets use a feral cat for example. It is a pest right? Well, it is loved by humans and have been taken care of. It has a home to live in and has a loving family. This means, that the feral cat wouldn't be able to eat our native animals, as it is a family pest.

But a part of me disagrees.
This is because the wild pest eat our native animals and if this continues, it would cause our native animals to be extinct. This would leave us to have only pests are our animals and no more wild life animals.

Examples of pests:
Image result for pests

Examples of native animals:
Image result for native new zealand animals

The above shows examples of pests and what native animals they eat. Which has a example below the pest!

Do you agree with my opinion or do you agree with what the nature watchers have stated?
What do you think about our statements? Have your say below in the comment section?

Overall, this session was fun because we got to learn more about argumentation and also because I got to read other people's opinions of why we should or should not respect pests.

This sadly brings us to the end of my blogpost,
but I hope you have learned something new..

Stay tuned for my next blog post about argumentation.